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Est 2013

Knowledge Development and Consultancy (KDC) Academy of Management (AOM) is your comfortable partner to bring skills, capacities and competencies you need to reach your business goals. Diversified skill segments will be built in your company, to reach the fullest potential, with your business opportunities. Developing employees to develop customers for the business is the core behind the values every employer receives from KDC.


KDC Academy Of Management is professionally designing corporate training programmes and courses to meet the emerging need for skills in the corporate sector. 

Our effort to develop the employees who contribute to the development of the employer. Our deep engagement with the employer will help to drive the business to the set corporate objectives using a fully-fledged training and consultancy approach.


KDC Academy Of Management specialized multi dimensional corporate training to suite skills needed by the corporate sector. 

KDC offers you specially designed inhouse training to suite your company and employees after a careful skill audit of employees

Our online/physical public trainings always focus on most demanding skills segment in a given period that your company will definitely benefit with the output

Our short courses are always to mold your existing and potential employees to drive your SBUs to meet corporate objectives

Virtual Programs

Discover your online programme – High impact, flexible and low cost programmes for your immediate application to achieve the transformational results through all our live virtual programmes delivered via real-time learning. 

Benefits of KDC live virtual programmes:

  • Cutting edge content to enrich the virtual learning
  • Enhance opportunity to maximize real life connection virtually
  • Real time dynamic and interactive sessions in online platforms
  • Maintain physical distance but improve social connectivity
  • Highest return for your financial investment
  • Protect your health and wellness


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Very flexible in programme arrangement. Thank you for all your support to complete project report.
Rameena Yusoof
Business Development Executive
One of the best approaches in teaching techniques and student support.
Vindya Fernando
Marketing Executive
Better coverage in subject than expected. Really supportive staff and lecture panel
Chamodi Danthanarayana
Customer Service and Technical Support

Passionate in Knowledge Development & Consultancy



CIM Registration

Now you can become a GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED MARKETER with the KDC Academy of Management.

Study CIM (UK) @ KDC

  • 100% Committed panel of lecturers to guide you through the CIM journey.
  • FREE access to a range of recommended study materials through a fully integrated KDC Learning Management System.
  • Access your own student portal login and practice for your online examinations completely free.
  • One to one guided approach for assignment
  • Affordable tuition fee
  • Friendly staff to support you